What Are The Odds?

This Months Query:



What Are The Odds that 1st & 2nd and the Headhunter award will be won by someone who has never won an SBPT title?


There are 2 players scheduled to attend that have never done this out of a estimated 8 players total, so the math may look like this:


There is a 2 of 8 chance for a player who has never won the trophy, to win. This leaves a 1 of 7 chance for second, but still a 2 of 8 chance for the Headhunter award.


This mathematically should look like this:

2/8 x 1/7 x 2/8 which equals: 4/448 or 1 chance in 112

The more common way to say this is: 111 to 1


 I will offer this at 100 to 1 if anyone so desires.


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