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Many of the newest players are not familiar with Slicks Picks so here's how it works...

The symbols you will see next to your name will indicate whether your stock in the S.B.P.T. poker world is rising Description: Description:, fallingDescription: Description:, or it's just holding steady Description: Description: as well as a small explanation of the pick placement. As always, if a player does not attend this month's tournament, the players behind move up a spot.




September 2017



Description: Description: 1st place: KenIchiWa

This is where ďSlickís PicksĒ comes crashing to the ground after an incredible three straight months of picking the winner. Iím going on a hunch, certainly not his recent poker resume, and choosing KenIchiWa for the top spot because he has an uncanny way of pulling out a win at an OutSkirts property. By my statistics, he has won 4 of his five tournament wins at a Big Slick hosted tournament at an OutSkirts property or a tournament hosted by another player at an OutSkirts property. His recent record proves otherwise and indicates his placement should put him in the middle of the pack but I decided to give him this opportunity to prove himselfÖ hopefully he makes good on this challenge!


Description: Description: 2nd place: El Guapo

Frankly if I call these two heads up players correctly, thereís no doubt about itÖ Iím moving to Vegas when I retire.  El G took the top spot in March of this year when Mac T was hosting at the OutSkirts. There may have been a different outcome had Big Slick not spent the second half of the tournament by the toilet due to excessive alcohol but nonetheless, El G made good on the opportunity and captured the win. El G has a way of finishing poorly two or three months in a row, then doing well the next month. This tournament is coming off of two months of poor finishes so he could have a good finishÖ or then again not.


Description: Description: place: Money

The kid is starting to represent the Zerillo namesake! Three out of the last four tournaments he has finished in the money, and last month in fact he was heads up but failed to pull off the win. Whatever changes heís made and however he came about making these changes, he should be commended for them as it is noticeable.


Description: Description: place: Slick

Put Slick down for the side pot this month! If the usual suspects toss there Jackson in, Slick should be able to happily pocket it along with a placement chip. Slick has finished no worse than fifth in the last six tournaments and expects to continue this streak.


Description: Description: place: Meaty

This could be a generous spot placement if last monthís prediction continues to be accurate where I basically said that the wheels are about to come off the Meat wagon. Meaty finally failed to place last month after 10 consecutive months of 4th place or betterÖ a record for sure, and it was right on cue as predicted. I could see Meaty struggling and even failing to make it this deep and having to use another of his previous tournaments towards the Tour Championship!


Description: Description: place: Minion

Minion is certainly becoming a solid threat to any player at her table. She is never intimidated and is continually difficult to bluff making her a contender to say the least. A stat you may not be aware of and frankly I wasnít either until I just investigated it, is that Minion over the combined 2015/2016 tours was second only to Slick in average kills per tournament at 1.56(kpt). Unfortunately she is struggling in that department this year but if she can get back to form, there is no reason we couldnít see her break out and become a Tour leader at some point!


Description: Description: 7th place: Lucky Chucky

Iím hesitant to place L.C. any higher until I start to see some results. Itís hard to predict results from players that miss tournaments and unfortunately L.C. has been inconsistent at best. He is scheduled to attend this month which will make it two in a row which is a start but with his inconsistency, also came average finishes when he did play. I can see an average at best tournament this month.


Description: Description: 8th place: Scooter

Scooter is one of the Tours most passive players sporting one of the smallest Kills Per Tournament averages (.432) since we have been tracking these stats which in my opinion lends to her also having one of the lowest tournament win percentages over her SBPT career.  Itís hard to be passive in the SBPT unless itís a deceptive passiveness where youíre purposely trapping and Iím not sure she is using that strategy.


Description: Description: place: Sponge Bob

Now having missed the last three tournaments, itís tough to say where he might end up. Sponge has done well coming off an extended absence but has also flamed out in this scenario. He told me that he was joining us this month but only time will tell.


Description: Description: place: Sir Charles

Itís odd how some players excel at some locations and others donít, just as KenIchiWa excels at OutSkirts Properties, Sir Charles does not! He has sprinkled in a 4th and a couple of 5th place finishes over the years but most have been 10th-13th place finishes.


Description: Description: 11th place: Fireball

Back on the SBPT scene is Fireball and now Hubby Twinkle FingersÖ and until I can get a sense of how they do month to month, I can only guess and place them towards the bottom. One definite difference between the two is the aggressiveness of Twinkle Fingers compared to Fireball. Fireball is more of an explorer of hands, seeing where they go while Twinkle fingers makes them go where he wants them to go and it usually includes a big showdown and chip movement.


Description: Description: 12th place: Twinkle Fingers

I wrote a nice little explanation of Twinkle Fingers and new Wifey Fireball and the difference in style under Fireballs finish position at 11th place.  As stated itís hard to determine who will finish where but of the 13 times they competed in the same tournament, Fireball finished ahead of Twinkle Fingers 9 times.


Description: Description: place: Mac Tonight

Wow, I really have no explanation for what we are witnessing in regards to our current "Tour Champion" who has gone from an average finish position of 4.25 in 2016 to a staggering 8.38 AFP in 2017, a Tour worst for any player having played more than two tournaments this year. Can you imagine how bad itíd be if he didnít offset this average with his one tournament win this year?