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Many of the newest players are not familiar with Slicks Picks so here's how it works...

The symbols you will see next to your name will indicate whether your stock in the S.B.P.T. poker world is rising Description: Description:, fallingDescription: Description:, or it's just holding steady Description: Description: as well as a small explanation of the pick placement. As always, if a player does not attend this month's tournament, the players behind move up a spot.




June 2017


Description: Description: Place: Meaty

Who can argue that the Meat Dog hasnít backed up his smack talk? For the last eight tournaments, he hasnít finished below 4th place. In that stretch he has only cracked third place once for the win but still if youíre the one tasked with making the picks, you have to go with the player who is consistently sniffing victories buttÖ and this Meat Dog has his nose in the trophies crack!


Description: Description: Place: Slick

Although it may seem as though Slick has been struggling, heís actually third in total points for the 2017 Tour year and just as with Meaty, if we go back 8 tournaments, weíll see that 6 of the 8 he has placed fourth or better with a win and a second place mixed in there. He also has a fifth place that he earned on the while bathroom floor, so I give Slick a punchers chance to knock out the competition.


Description: Description: Place: Sir Charles

He plays an aggressive game to say the least. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. He recently has been doing some damage on the Tour but has also suffered some damage with some early outs. Consistency is important when picking futures and if Sir Charles was a bit more consistent, heíd no doubt be placed ahead of Slick in this monthís picks.


Description: Description: Place: Minion

She quietly flies under the radar, partly because sheís missed some tournaments recently but also I think because sheís unassuming in her take down of other players. She never gets boisterous or talks smack, just quietly rakes chips and moves on. She has finished in the top four in half of her last eight tournaments played and has a better kill record than most of the SBPTís current players.


Description: Description: Place: Diablito

Although having missed the last two tournaments, Diablitoís aggressiveness is hard to discount. If heís getting cards to back up his behavior, he can be deadly. In his last eight played, heís finished 4th or better four times with a win and two second place finishes. Unfortunately, the down side is that he can be wildly inconsistent, either finishing top four or finishing bottom four with no real middle ground.


Description: Description: Place: Lucky Chucky

Lucky Chucky who is a Tour favorite rarely will not make the final table, in fact in his last twelve tournaments this has been the caseÖ unfortunately, he rarely picks up a win as well. An incredible stat to say the least is that LC hasnít brought home the coveted trophy since October of 2011 while picking up 14 second place finishes since then. Some may speculate that heís playing for second but he continually denies that.


Description: Description: Place: Clark Kent

So far this year CK has a pretty good average finish position (AFP) 4.67 which ranks third overall but unfortunately thatís based on only three tournaments while most others have played five. Even so, not a bad place to be if he can continue to play the rest of the year and continue to excel. Looking back to his finish position as a host, CK tends to finish just out of the money but has gone back to back once which many players never have, that being said his other finishes tend to be slightly worse placing him somewhere right around seventh place.


Description: Description: Place: Mac Tonight

Last year Mac T was virtually unstoppable placing top three a whopping seven times, earning him the title of 2016 Tour ChampionÖ this year however heís struggling to find an identity.  He was able to pull off a tournament win in February of this year but has failed to do much else.  Always a threat to go deep but at the moment he seems to have lost momentum and is coasting to a mediocre 2017 Tour finish.


Description: Description: Place: Sleeper Cell

He probably deserves to be higher up on the list and has done very well in his SBPT career so far with an AFP of 5.96 to date. At the end of 2016 he ended the year on a high note with two wins in the last three months but hasnít done much yet in 2017 until this last monthís second place finish. I expect him to get it in gear and finish better than his stats show at the moment but Iíll need to be convinced before he moves up.


Description: Description: Place: El Guapo

His tournament win this year seems out of character based on the rest of his performances. Mentally, Iím not sure how comfortable he is at the table and it may be translating to his whopping 7.4 average finish position. We have to go back a couple of years to see a consistent strong placement from El Guapo but heís done it before so we know he can do it again.


Description: Description: Place: Sponge Bob

Sponge has finally gotten back to the SBPT tables consistently but the absence may be taking a toll on his play and his confidence. The frustration was apparent at last monthís tournament where he unfortunately placed last. He hasnít committed to this monthís tournament; hopefully itís due to other factors other than PBH (poker butt hurt).


Description: Description: Place: Scooter

Itís not really a twelfth place finish Iíd expect from Scooter; in fact she has an AFP of 6.5 but she only has two tournaments played this year. Scooter has played 68 tournaments in her SBPT career and her career AFP (6.47) falls right in line with this year so far.


Description: Description: Place: Ken Ichi

Iím not sure what has happened to the mighty Ken Ichi but in his last eight tournaments played, he has an AFP of 8.0 when his SBPT career AFP is 5.83. In fact he hasnít even cracked the top four since March of 2016. Maybe this month will be a comfortable setting with his pal CK hosting.


Description: Description: Place: Money

Until his last tournament which he placed fourth, the previous nine tournaments averaged him an 8.55 finish position with an average player pool of 10.78. Thatís quite a losing streak and Iím not sure if itís over yet. Heíll have to prove me wrong.


Description: Description: Place: Tommy Da Bomb

Iím not sure if he is still a player in the SBPT because we havenít seen him in a few months after only playing twice and going out second and first in his only two tournaments for an AFP of 11.50. Hopefully he gets back at the SBPT tablesÖ he only has one way to goÖ up!


Good Luck!