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Back by popular demand!

Many of the newest players are not familiar with Slicks Picks so here's how it works...

The symbols you will see next to your name will indicate whether your stock in the S.B.P.T. poker world is rising Description: Description:, fallingDescription: Description:, or it's just holding steady Description: Description: as well as a small explanation of the pick placement. As always, if a player does not attend this month's tournament, the players behind move up a spot.




August 2017


Description: Description: Place:  Big Slick

It will have been a long time coming if this pick proves to be accurate. Cards, over-aggressive behavior, and bad timing as well as alcohol have contributed to the current dry spell Slick is in but it’s time for the cards to improve and if he plays smart poker and tells the proper story when putting chips in the pot, maybe he’ll get some respect and players will fold…. Not!


Description: Description: 2nd place:  Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell heads up with Slick for the trophy would be a repeat of the last time Diablito hosted but that’s where the similarities end. I’m giving Sleeper some added respect due to the fact he has won at Diablito’s Den but frankly he hasn’t done much over the last six tournaments other than one second place finish… in fact his average finish position for this stretch is 6.5 so definitely respect given.


Description: Description: place: Meaty

Somehow we may have to add “Inertia” to his list of nicknames, as he continues to go in a uniform motion which is why he continues to be placed close to the top of Slick’s Picks… but inertia can be changed by an external force and that’s about to happen I believe.


Description: Description: 4th place: Minion

What appears to be our only female attending this tournament, I expect her to do justice for her gender and pick up a chip if not rally and sneak out with a trophy win. Last time Diablito’s Den hosted, she picked up a third place finish… it certainly could go that way again.


Description: Description: place: Money

Maybe my tough criticism sank in a bit as most at the tables noticed quite a difference in Money’s demeanor and playing style last month which showed good results and lead to a third place finish. He has it in him but has to keep his head about him.


Description: Description: 6th place: Lucky Chucky

A year or so ago, you couldn’t keep LC out of the second place or third place slot but since October of 2016, sixth place seems to be his comfort spot and it’s also how he finished the last time at Diablito’s Den which just adds more credence to the placement choice.


Description: Description: place: El Guapo

What a quandary El G has been. Every three/four tournaments, he pulls out a placement chip win but then crumbles for the rest of the tournaments. Unfortunately for him, he has only one tournament since his placement chip win so if the trend holds correct, he’ll struggle this month.


Description: Description: place: Ken Ichi Wa

It seems as the last Diablito hosted tournament went, so goes this tournament. KenIchiWa finished eighth at Diablito’s Den and along with that finish has finished eighth 4 out of 6 times since and eighth is where I believe he’ll finish again. Last month he showed signs of a more dominate KenIchi finishing fourth but was it a fluke?... I guess it’s up to him to decide.


Description: Description: 9th place: Sponge Bob

I don’t quite know what to say about Sponge. He seemed to be set to join us monthly at the table for this whole year but after 5 straight average/disappointing tournaments he disappeared for a couple months. I don’t know if he had reasons beyond the game but he seemed pretty bent at his last tournament when he exited first. Coincidence…?


Description: Description: place: Mac Tonight

Have the wheels completely come off the tracks? Is Meaty right to say the Mac T has been exposed? While it’s true that he isn’t in the race for the Tour Championship this year, I’m not sure if last year when he won the Tour Championship wasn’t the fluke and this is more of the “Middle of the Pack Mac” that we remember. Mac T had an impressive start in 2016 finishing no less than third in his first five tournaments and gapping the competition but falling off after that only to win it by four points over Meaty. You decide…


Description: Description: place: Diablito

Yarrrrr… where be the days when Diablito goes backtobacktoback? The last two times Diablito hosted, he finished first out. That is a big trend as those who host understand the added mental stress that comes with it. For a player to win back to back is tough enough so when he made that incredible run of being the first to three-peat, we all stood in awe, but since his move to his new “Den”, things have been quite different. Three first outs after hosting in a row will really be something also so prove me wrong buddy!