Meaty Remains A Cut Above The Competition!






Itís been awhile, Trumpís busy makiní Merica great again, and Meaty continues to rise like dough through the SBPT, since becoming a full time player.


Clark Kent was unstoppable in May, rolling over everyone that got in his way, to be able to host the June Jamboree.  He didnít disappoint either, as we all gathered to have it out and make dreams become reality.  The Early Times Fake Hour was lively, chips were moving, pots were growing, and everyone was playing 7-2, oops, NO they werenít Ďcause that ish got shut down!! (at least until Jan, when we can put it up for revote). Diablito tried the olí fake injury trick trying to draw sympathy, complete with crutches and all, but we were having none of it.


The break showed Clark was on his game as he pulled out trays of Rascals and salad, both of which were waaaay to easy to eat, and really set the tone for a good night of poker.  The Rascals Real Deal brought an end to the fun and games, and we got down to tryin to win.

Diablito was first to fall, but it made sense since he was closest to the ground. The sun rose early, ending Mac Tís quest to return to championship form this year. Meatyís rise has coincided with Macís fall, of which Meaty takes full responsibility for. Money was next on the rail, then dropped what could be a world record deuce, as he was locked away in the bathroom for a good 30 minutes.


Sir Charles attempt to return to the Kingdom ended with a thud. He was thwarted early, before he could mount his forces to withstand a siege on his chip towers. Captain Dueceís never ending dump left Charles dealing forever, adding insult to injury. Lucky Chucky was feeling well enough to make it, but was probably not feeling as well when his night ended shorter than he wouldíve liked. Glad to see you back Chucky! Scooter has been able to make a few tourneys, and showed she can go deep when sheís back in the groove.  El Guapo kept turning up pocket Aís, but only got to play 2 of the 5 he got to the river. If others donít get cards itís hard to get max value, but show Ďem all he did, and finished in 4th after 3 attempts at the headhunter. Slick ran outta chips with a couple laps to go and took 3rd, Leaving Clark and Meaty heads up.


Clark played a hell of a game, he was in full cockroach mode, staving off at least 4 attempts on his head, at one point he didnít even have enough to cover the big bling, but still out flopped everyone to stay alive. It was a hell of a run until the Meat put an end to it all. Clark doubled up once early, but Meaty pulled back and waited for his chance, and took down his 11th win in the process.


Congrats to the champ, salutations to Clark, and see you all in WestminsterÖ


El G.