The Devil Condemns the Congregation!!!





The South Bay Tour made its way into the O.C. once again to the frigid Meat Locker where some players adorned themselves with blankets while others were striping down to beat the heat. (or beat the Meat…. lol!!!) 13 angels and 1 Devil in total turned out in force to do battle.  During the so called “Fake Hour” table 2 which had a good array of plyers and a returning player named Fireball that the tour mentioned they hope is able to play monthly, had a more professional and passive tone.  I didn’t see or hear much action coming from them.  It seemed chips were passing hands with Money surprisingly the chip leader at the break.  But that did not discourage table 1 from partaking in an all-out battle.  If I recall there were around 8 or 10 all-in bets with about 50% of them receiving calls. Maybe it was the fact that it had 2 returning players from the past, Popeye and Twinkle Fingers. Both of whom put up a valiant effort, but it was obvious they had accumulated more rust then skills while they have been on hiatus. After the smoke cleared Meaty had table 2 and the chips in control going into the break.

After guts were stuffed with food, the real playing started to take place………This is where it gets a little foggy for me. (I mean, I’m drinking/playing/talking trash/…….) but I do recall Popeye (the Meaty killer) making an early exit followed by the exposed Mac (I can’t bluff anymore) Tonight and El G who played more like Kenny G. (look at the Meats picks for the year, Mac and El G).  Twinkle Fingers while going out 4th, lasted about 10 minutes longer than I expected him to.  A big surprise to me was Scooter going out 5th.  I’m not too sure what happen with that.  As I stated earlier in this article, things are foggy, very foggy.   The sober Sir boring Charles (I don’t recall him even being there) was the 6th victim to hit the rail while Fireball who was full of energy did surprisingly well, was the 7th soldier KIA.  8th out was the Minion who in her defense was on an executioners table with the Meat and Diablito having much of the chip control.  Sleeper (turn the AC off, I’m cold) Cell hit a wall and went out 9th

Then there were the evenings “Fab 5”. Slick as I recall was up and down all night but without his better half Scooter cheering him on he wasn’t able to get any control of the table and was tossed aside and went out 10th which gave him his first double digit point earning of the year. Ken who just got back from the mother-land played as expected and went out 11th which also earned him his first double digit points as well. Then there were 3. Money showed himself what playing with patience can do. He ended up in 3rd, but can he have the same discipline month after month is the question. It then came down to the Devil and the Meat, stacks were close with Diablito having a slight advantage.  Chips changed sides of the table with not much excitement and in the end Diablito devoured the Meat!!!!

*Fun Fact: Meaty is the only player in the tours history to start a season with 7 straight final table appearances.

Congratulations to DIABLITO!! I hope to see 17+ players at the Signal………Tacos, Beans & Farts!!