South Bay Poker Tour Photo Gallery

    & Trophy Tracks



For those new to the S.B.P.T., believe it or not, the living poker legend himself, Doyle Brunson, had his legendary hands on our coveted trophy!

M.C. set S.B.P.T. records early by becoming the first S.B.P.T. player to win a tournament, and the first to go back to back!

El Guapo Doing his best to emulate a professional poker player at the April Extravaganza!

Slick, improving his poker resume!

Just a kiss of the hops!

Sandy and Slick, heads up at "The Lilly Pad"!

First outdoor S.B.P.T. tournament!

Chili takes the trophy home to Rancho Rodriguez!

Sponge, soaking up the scent of other peoples money!

The Saw cut through her opponents to capture her first win!

Butterfingers was able to maintain a grip on the trophy in Sept 2005!

Sub Zero froze out the competition to take home the coveted S.B.P.T. trophy!

Hence the name... Big Slick!

First time... first place!

Moments before Big Slick whooped up on Scooter!

The pressure was too much for the big man!

To Mr. December, From Santa!

Please don't call, please don't call...

Big Slick... King of December's!

Calculating pot odds is a big part of the game... Sponge may look confused but he's one of the S.B.P.T.'s best!

We're all calorie concious at the S.B.P.T.!

Where's cousin Luke?

Slick earns a new nickname at the Riviera Hotel and Casino... he can now be referred to as "Snake"!

Lucky frogs of "The Lilly Pad"!

Turkey Says... No Headhunters!

You don't fool me! Push it in, and I'll call!

Sealed for safe keeping, the trohy rest's comfortably in the spogie arms of the UniBobber!

It's mine, mine , all mine!

One of the trophy's first celebrations!

Here comes Peter Cotten Trophy!

Santa brought Slick a Trophy every December to date!

Fortunately nobody outbid the reserve!

A little luck of the Irish was with Big Slick!

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demille!

The trophy meets the KROQ morning show!

And Miss Double December!

The trophy legally crosses into Mexico!

And Parties at Paps & Beer!

And meets a few friends!

Cupids arrow pierced the trophy's heart!

The trophy in San Fransisco in front of Slicks Uncle's, world famous, Capp's Corner!

The resemblance is Spooookyyyy!

The trophy gets a makeover!

We're rich! We're Rich! The trohy tours inside the vault!

The trophy catches some rays on the beach!

Spooks abound when the trophies around!

So happy she could jump off a cliff!