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SBPT History You Probably Didnít Know


I started this page as a result of trying to answer chip contest questions given by Jim. The clues left the game wide open, so I was coming up with some off-the-wall stats and facts. It was suggested that I put them together for everyoneís enjoyment (or disgust). I have used both the Tour Ranking and Stats as a guide, and both good and bad findings are listed. Not everyone is represented and nobody was singled out


* Denotes updated stats from previous months. All others carry over.

** Denotes new stat added for the month




        *As of November 2009, there have been 63 SBPT tournaments played.

        Only 4 players have hit for the cycle in 5 calendar years.

        *6 players won their first tourney played (9.5%).

        No player has won 3 tournaments in a row.

        *Only one player has ever won 4 tournaments in any calendar year.

        *The least amount in buy-ins for any calendar year (10 or more tourneys) is $390.

        The most in buy-ins for any calendar year (10 or more tourneys) is $755.

        *The tournament winner has also been headhunter 29 times in 63 attempts (46%).

        The largest poker tournament was 17 players. The smallest was 6.

        **In 63 tourneys, there has been only 1 where no female showed (Nov 2009).

        The average number of players per tourney over the last 5 years is 11.

        **Since 1/07, the highest number of points in a calendar year is 106. The lowest number of points (minimum 10 played) is 58 and is shared by two players.

        *Since money statistics were tracked (1/2007) a total of $18,957 has been paid out over 35 tournaments. Thatís a pot average of $541 per tourney.

2007 - $6,860       2008 - $6,665       2009 - $5,432 (as of Nov)

        The highest hand ever played was a Jack High Diamond Straight Flush (2/09).

        *The 2 players that have played the most tournaments have gone heads-up 2 times.

El Guapo (61) and Slick (62). Result? They each won one.

        *Three people hold nearly half (46%) of the tournament wins - 29 out of 63

Slick (16)             Turtle (7)             Sponge (6)



        *Slick has missed only 1 Tourney in 63 (1.5%).

        Slick has attempted back-to-back runs 14 times and finally achieved it in August, 2009 with his 15th win.

        *Slick has the most earnings in any calendar year with $1527 (2009).

        Slick has the most wins in any 12 month period with 5.

        Slick wins 1 out of every four tournaments and has at least 2 times as many wins as any other player.

        Slick holds the record for most players beaten heads-up Ė 11 different people.

        Slick has, on 2 occasions, won a tournament and exited 1st in the next. Four other players have done it one time: The Saw, Turtle, Meaty, and Sandy.

        Slick has the second most first-outs with 5.

        Slick has finished the years in 1st place, tied for 2nd, 4th place, and 6th place.

        **Slick achieves 1st Ė 4th place an SBPT-leading 51% of the time (32 of 62).

        **Slick has won every month of December in SBPT history (5).

        **Slick is the only player to win 4 tourneys in 1 calendar year.



        Sponge Bob has not won a tourney since May, 2007. That is over 2 years. In the 2 years prior to that win, he banked 5 wins. 

        Sponge is the closest to back-to-back-to-back wins with 3 wins in 4 months. No small feat since the smallest of the three tourneys was 14 players. He also has the most wins in any 8 month period with 4.

        Sponge won the largest poker tourney (17).

        **Sponge has the record for the most year-end points with 106.

        Sponge is not one to exit first. He hasnít done so since February of 2007, and has only done it 3 times overall.



        *El Guapo has been eliminated 1st in only one tournament. One time in 61 played.

        El Guapo needed 40 played tourneys to notch his first win, then proceeded to win 2 more within the next 9 played tourneys.

        El Guapo hasnít missed a tourney since November 2005. He has only missed 2 tourneys in over 5 years.

        El Guapo has twice been a victim of drop-offs for the tour championship, the only player to have this happen in over 5 years. He has led the year in overall points only to lose the trophy because of drop-offs points.

        El Guapo has twice as many 3rd place finishes than any other player.



        Turtle has gone back-to-back 2 times, and he achieved the 4 wins in less than 12 months. In his first series, he scored 26 points, second only to Sponge (31).

        Turtle holds the record for most kills two years running.22 in 2007 and 24 in 2008. (Needs work in 2009 to keep the record).

        Turtle wins 1 out of every 5 tournaments.

        **Turtle gets the Headhunter Award a SBPT-leading 24% of the time.

        **Turtle has earned the second most money ($2,389) despite playing about half of the total played tourneys to date.



        Marshal won the smallest poker tourney (6).

        **Marshal took 20 played tourneys to notch his first win and took another 8 to win his second.

        *Marshal has been eliminated 1st only one time in 29 tourneys (3.4%).

        **Marshal has the status of most improved player with:

11th place finish and no wins in 2007,

 4th place finish and no wins in 2008,

2nd place finish in and 2 wins in 2009 (TBD)



        *Cha-Cha has the second longest winless streak with 34 tourneys. He has yet to get the first win, but has had his chances with 5 second places finishes.

        **Cha-Cha has the never taken out the current champion for a Headhunter Award.  The only consistent player without the award.



        The Saw has the most first-outs with 6. Four of these happened in 2006.


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