Well good things come to those who wait and waiting is what Slick has been doing since November 2016………

Diablito tried his best to throw off the competition by putting together in my opinion, the best plethora of carnivorous delight the tour has ever indulged in. Leading up to the gout infested buffet, there was some really good poker being played.  Both tables seemed to be tight at times with flashes of aggressive play which had chips flying from player to player. The tour welcomed a new member named “Simple Jack” whom looks to be a formidable foe. During the fake hour, the whiskey was flowing and good times were being had with Money and his new controlled style of play and Simple Jack holding their respected tables chips as the buffet buzzer sounded.

After the break things still seemed tight at both tables. Jim and Chucky looked to be on the ropes early and Mac T found himself all out of sorts as the night went on.  It wasn’t too long before Mac T. was the first to hit the losers lounge, which seems to be his style of late. Lucky Chucky ran into some bad beats and found himself dealing cards instead of playing them. KenIchiWa hasn’t been on track since he went to the motherland. He was the 3rd out of the night.  My boy El G……. Due to Mac T’s misdeal and pure pressure from Simple Jack, El G had to ditch a hand that may have turned his night around, but it is what it is and he became the 4th victim of the night. The Sleeper Cell had a solid night. His chip stack was tops at one point, but due to some ill-advised raises and calls he too fell by the wayside, hitting the rail 5th. Going to the lounge 6th was the all mighty Meaty.  He was up and down all night but just couldn’t pull it together. Simple Jack enjoyed much of the Meats wealth.  Diablito who drank the firewater all night and supplied the masses with boy-butter, Astroglide and wet naps, did great for having to host and went out 7th.  During the exits, Slick was licking his lips and building his stack. The Minion who looked to be down and out early on, doubled up a couple times and played some hands exceptionally well. She hung in there and made her exit 8th. Then there were 3……. The aging Slick vs. The Young Guns. I could see it Slicks eyes…. He takes a look at Simple Jack and Money and sees the finish line.  Little did Slick know that S.J. would play him well, even Slick admitted that there will be many battles between the two. They just wouldn’t be battling this night.  S.J. hit the rail in the 9th spot, but he did play well and I’m sure I speak for everyone that they hope he is a consistent player. That left the “MoneySlick” showdown.  By this time Moneys stack was on life support and Slicks was growing every time a card hit the table. Within a few hands, Slick was putting Diablitos Astroglide on and making sweet love to the trophy!!!

Donkey of the Night: Mac T., for his lackluster play in 2017 and misdealing.

Got it Right Tonight: Money, for changing his style and recording a 3rd and 2nd place finish in his last 2 outings.

Capitan Comeback: Slick, for his self-administered C.P.R.

Will Work for Food: El G,  I just feel for the big man……Slick always states how El G will live in his shadows..