About Us:

    The South Bay Poker Tour originated one night while playing poker with a small group of close friends.  An idea was presented which would eventually snowball into what we have today!

    The basic concepts were simple:

    1. Invite only friends, and friends of friends to be a part of the magic

    2. Play for bragging rights and a coveted trophy that travels from tournament winner to tournament winner

    3. Play a tournament once a month

    4. Whomever wins the trophy hosts the next tournament using the monetary winnings from the previous tournament

    5. Have fun!

    So there you have it!  A simple idea that has now been going strong since September 2004 and with any luck will continue to entertain for years to come!  The South Bay Poker Tour has also hosted tournaments at local casinos that are open to friends of friends of friends, and so on.  So check in from time to time and sign up to play when we have one scheduled.  If anyone would like to incorporate these concepts into their own home games, feel free.

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    Thanks from everyone at SouthBayPokerTour.com